CMHC Data-set Reports Documentation

Report Types

Client and Activity

Client reports present contact and client counts and the like, broken down by client demographic information (age, sex, etc.). Activity reports present contact, client, contact hours and treatment days broken down by registration status (is the client registered on the system or is the person generated by the presence of a contact).

Historical and Non-historical

Historical reports compare on year with the previous, reporting changes. There's now only one non-historical report, as it would be unwieldly in that format.

General Principles

Person at Organisation, Cluster and Service Unit Levels

The person identifiers are defined at ORG level but are reported below SERV on PER records. This leads to various complications. Inconsistent values at a PER level is caught by the *Differs rules, but it's still possible to have one valid value and some number of Missing values (or all Missing). Counted differently at different SERV and ORG entity levels:

  • Same person (orgid+persid) in two units of the same org
  • Same person (orgid+persid) in two units of the same org on same day

Both could be counted as 2 at reports below ORG and 1 above.

Variable Person Attributes

The general principle is to use the most recent valid value. In situations where multiple values can be taken by a person, either different values on PER records in different SERVs or over time on CON attributes, then the most recent (ContDt) valid value should be consistently used in all reports. "Valid" depends on the particular variable, but generally just means non-missing and mappable.

Variable Person DxPrinc Same-day

Find most-recent contact diagnosis prefix for each person. In the case of a multiple, last-day CONs, the RecordId is taken as a stable, albeit arbitrary, tie-breaker.

Country of Birth Priority

CoB codes in priority order:

  1. Valid: 0001,1000,1100-9999(not 1603)
  2. Not Stated: 0003
  3. Inadequately Described: 0000
  4. Other: ' ' or out of valid 1603,0002,0004-0999,1001-1099

These priority classes are used by the most recent, valid value rule. Some are more valid than others.

Date of Birth Priority

More accurate values of DoBFlag are preferred (if present).

Person Age

This is calculated at the RepEnd reporting period end date and used in AgeGroup reports.

Treatment Day Calculation

"Treatment Days" are calculated separately at SERV, CLUS and ORG levels with the result that one ORG person seeing two units on the same day will count as 2 at the lower level and 1 at the higher level.


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