Registering for the Online Validator

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Requesting and Managing Access to the Online Validator

Access to the Online Validator system is managed via the Logicly's Authentication System. Please note this is still accessed via

This system enables users and their managers to register for and manage access to the Online Validator, however, as it is currently in development Logicly will continue to manage this process.   

Register for User Access

Your manager will need to email requesting you be registered for an account. If you are unsure who your manager is, please contact

There are three steps to adding a new user:

  1. Managers request that a new user be added.  An email containing a link to verify the account and an SMS containing a temporary code are sent to the new user.
  2. The new user confirms their registration.
  3. Administrators add ‘attributes’ to the user.
  4. A confirmation email is sent to the user informing them that they now have access to the Online Validator.

To be added as a user, you will need to provide your Manager with:

  • an email address associated with an appropriate Australian jurisdiction (i.e. one of the Australian States or Territories or the Australian Government);
  • a back up email address (optional); and
  • a mobile phone number capable of accepting SMS messages. This is used to provide extra security should you need to reset your password.

Once your manager has requested that you be added you as a user, you will be sent an email with a link to a verification page. The verification code required to access the site will be sent via SMS to your registered mobile phone number.

  1. Follow the instructions in the verification email to begin your registration (please be aware that the access link and codes are only viable for a short period of time, so please register as soon as you receive your email).
  2. After registration you will have access to our Authentication System, but you will not have any functional attributes.
  3. The administrators will be notified that you have registered and will grant you the correct attributes to access, upload or review the correct file types.

Requesting a new user be added - instructions for managers

To request that a new user be added, email with the following information:

  • name of new user;
  • email address of new user;
  • mobile phone number of new user; and
  • which datasets the new user should have access to.

Managing your Details

You may update your personal details via the "Manage Details" tab in the Menu Bar, including updating your mobile number, email address or name.

Delete a User from the System

If you require a User to be removed from the system, please contact an Administrator via


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