Data File Naming Convention

The data file must have a formal name consistent with the format of Tsssyyyybbbbb.DAT. Note that the filename is case sensitive. The Tsss, yyyy, and bbbbb components are defined as :


File type (CMHC, MHE, NOCC, RMHC, or SKL)


Jurisdiction code (ACT, NSW, NTE, QLD, SAU, TAS, VIC, or WAU)


Year of the end of the financial year the batch is for


Yearly incremental batch number (leading zeros present) indicating the sequence number of the submission. Note that successive quarterly files and any resubmitted files must have a batch number greater than all preceding files for that year.

For example, suppose that the ACT submitted quarterly data files to AMHOCN in respect of the 2007-08 financial year, then submitted a final submission; their first NOCC data file would be named NOCCACT2008000001.DAT, whilst the second would be named NOCCACT200800002.DAT, and so on. If no resubmissions were made the final submission for that year would be named NOCCACT200800005.DAT. If that file then had to be resubmitted for some reason, then it would be named NOCCACT200800006.DAT. Their first submission for the 2008-09 financial year would then be named NOCCACT200900001.DAT.


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