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The Online Validator is an extensible, web-based application for determining the validity of large data sets. It ensures that large data sets passed between submitters and receivers are valid and consistent, according to a set of rules. These rules ensure that data is

  1. Formatted correctly, as per a specification;
  2. Internally consistent (that is, the data appears to be logical and coherent).

The value of the Online Validator is that very large data sets – such as health records – can be efficiently and effectively examined for validity prior to acceptance.

This reduces errors, lowers costs, and improves the accuracy and effectiveness of subsequent reporting and decision making.

The Online Validator is developed and operated by Logicly Pty Ltd under contract to the Department of Health, in support of data sets sponsored by the Department. Its current users include the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) and the Australian Mental Health Outcomes and Classification Network (AMHOCN).

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